Our Story

May the Bottom of your cup never be Bare.

Coffee has been a part of our lives for as long as can be remembered. From sitting with grandparents sipping out of demitasse cups to enjoying an early morning cup with family and friends during holidays. The memories that surround coffee are what drive us to produce small-batch roasts specific to our customer’s desire.

So how did the name Bare Bottom Coffee originate? Coffee for us in not just a morning drink, it is something we enjoy all day long. The saying around our house is that the bottom of the cup never gets bare.

Give us the opportunity to share our roast with you and your family. You will not only be supporting a small business, but also the farmers, harvesters, processors and communities in regions around the world.

Our desire is that you will love our coffee all the way to the Bare Bottom of your cup!


At Bare Bottom Coffee our purpose is to make certain our customer’s coffee experience is enjoyable, to the Bare Bottom of the cup.

We offer coffees that meet ethical trade practices and community involvement from many regions around the world.  We support efforts to give back to the coffee producing community through education and sustainability initiatives. 

We sit with our families and friends to enjoy coffee and fellowship.  There are many methods of roasting and many choices of coffee.  We appreciate you considering our offerings and stand ready to roast to your satisfaction, guaranteed.

Roasting Methodology

Our coffee is roasted in a small batch roaster with an extraordinary level of control.  It allows the combined benefits of conductive and convective heat transfer with the unique ability to modulate both attributes.

Each roast takes into account the differences in coffees including bean origin, growth elevation, bean density and moisture content.  Each roast undergoes our quality assurance program inspecting uniformity, aroma, flavor and overall cup experience.

At Bare Bottom Coffee we rely on both the science and art of roasting the coffee bean. While technology has greatly enhanced all aspects of roasting coffee, the true measure of success is our customer’s experience.

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