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Whole Bean

Whole bean coffee remains fresher, longer.  The main reason, whole bean coffee has less surface area exposed and therefore the oxidation process occurs slower.

Ground Coffee

Ground coffee is certainly quicker and easier than whole bean coffee that needs to be ground in order to prepare the cup/pot.  This convenience comes at a cost of decreased freshness and potential of muted flavors.

Bare Bottom Coffee Co. Recommendations:

Bare Bottom Coffee recommends whole bean coffee.

So what grinder does one need:

  • Grinders can be either manual or electric
    • Manual
      • Less $ to spend and great entry option
      • More difficult to hone in on the correct grind depth
      • Depending on frequency used, can build some grip strength
      • Option:
    • Electric
      • Can be pricey but there are several options
      • Depending on number of settings, can dial in different grind depths for different coffees
      • Option:
  • Conical Burr Grinder or Blade Grinder
    • Conical Burr grinders are recommended for distinctive coffees for consistency of grind
    • Leave the blade grinder to herb grinding, not recommended for coffee

Grinding coffee beans just before brewing the cup/pot insures the coffee will be as fresh as possible and you will enjoy the cup even more.

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  • sdzig says:

    Just ordered a new Mcilpoog coffee machine. Keurig is quick and easy but it is not good coffee. Wanted a good local coffee for the new machine. Bare Bottom is the best. Thanks Scott

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