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There are many ways that coffee beans can be processed. Below are a few of the methods that our coffees go through:

Washed Process Coffee

In washed process coffee, the coffee cherry is first pulped mechanically. This means that the outer layer of skin is removed and the bean with is mucilage is then fermented in water. After the fermentation process, the bean is then washed from its mucilage.

Flavor Profile: This process often creates a coffee that is much cleaner with a tangy mouthfeel. Coffees are well balanced with pronounced acidity and taste much fruitier and more delicate than the unwashed method.

Natural Processed Coffee

Natural coffee process is the classic approach to coffee preparation. In this process, the coffee cherries are cleaned without pulping and then dried in the sun. Once the drying process is complete, the green seed is then removed from the fermented, dried cherry.

Flavor Profile: The natural method creates a coffee that is heavy in body but remains sweet and very smooth and complex.

Honey/Semi-washed Coffee

Using the honey/semi-washed process method, both the washed and unwashed methods are combined. In this process, the out skins are removed, the pulp is allowed to remain in varying degrees, and then dried in the sun. Once the drying process is complete, the pulp is wet and then the beans are removed.

Flavor Profile: The honey/semi-washed process is an attempt to combine the best of both washed and natural process methods. Coffee often gives a creamy, bolder coffee than the washed process with jammy, sweetness and more acidity than the natural process.

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