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Coffee is a drink that is enjoyed by people around the globe. It is part of a culture that supports and builds community relationships. People gather at local coffee shops to study, converse, and relax. Many enjoy the drink with family and friends sitting around a table, a fire, or on a porch.

How many times do we think about the journey the drink has taken and the lives that were touched so this drink could be in our cups?

  • Who planted the coffee tree?
  • Who harvested the coffee cherry?
  • Who processed the coffee cherry into the bean (seed)?
  • Who purchased the coffee for export/import?
  • Who roasted the coffee?
  • Who brewed the coffee?

Each step along the journey has touched the lives of people. The sustainability efforts of the coffee community include supporting fair pricing, farming techniques, environmental impacts, health education, and many others. All with the goal of insuring coffee will continue to touch the lives of people well into the future.

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  • sdzig says:

    Just ordered a new Mcilpoog coffee machine. Keurig is quick and easy but it is not good coffee. Wanted a good local coffee for the new machine. Bare Bottom is the best. Thanks Scott

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